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LeeLoo Micro dosing Spray was born out of the need for a smoke-free, low strength cannabis product that’s easy to use and made with healthy ingredients. Cannabis and its benefits are already well-known, but what feels safe and is also effective?

Many companies focus on creating products with the highest possible THC levels. Most Edibles are very strong making it hard to dose without really knowing how much your personal intake is, without getting “too high”. This can make it difficult for experienced users to casually get relief throughout their daily lives and nearly impossible for new users to comfortably experience the benefits of cannabis. If you look at ingredient labels of edible products, they’re high in calories and might use unhealthy ingredients. We are all turning to natural remedies these days to get away from unhealthy stuff, as you shouldn’t have to trade one for the other. LeeLoo are the yummy products with only the best qualities that cannabis has to offer.

This formula is healthy, easy to use and a discrete option for all Adults and their life moments where some help is needed. Intended for micro-dosing, there are multiple flavors for multiple occasions to choose from. In a market saturated with cannabis products, LeeLoo is offering you new fun, tasty and functional products. LeeLoo is excited for the opportunity to grow with you and promote positive change in this industry.



Growing up with a sweet hippie mom who was a huge Cannabis advocate, I was well aware of Cannabis benefits, I just never liked smoking. Struggling with insomnia and anxiety my entire life and after years of taking pharmaceuticals, my mom and sister started baking weed brownies for me, in the hope I would start making use of natures medicine instead. Discovering edibles was a life-changing experience for me. My family’s Cannabis edibles soon became my new and effective remedy to get restful sleep and anxiety relief. But some major negatives with Cannabis edibles quickly became clear to me as well. I didn’t know how to Micro-dose it and I didn’t want to eat sweets every time I wanted to medicate.  

Wanting something that’s easier to carry around, discrete and functional I started searching and found very few products on the market that serve my purpose. I decided to experiment with making my own. The goal was - a functional and versatile product combining a safe low dose formula, easy to use, with healthy ingredients that serve a positive purpose but at the same time a tasty experience without the actual sugar and named it "LeeLoo"

We are living in a fast-paced world where we feel the need to function perfectly all the time and many problems, result out of our minds/thoughts working against us. This overactive unhealthy mind of ours can result in restless or no sleep, anxieties and unhealthy thinking patterns towards ourselves and our bodies. We tend to do have difficulties enjoying and being in the moment in many situations. For me using cannabis has helped in so many ways to calm my mind and enjoy myself more fully.

I’m super excited for my products to get out there and I do hope they can make a positive change in other people’s lives as much as it did in mine, hoping others will enjoy my products and help them live a more natural and happy life “

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