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For all those seeking a healthy, natural, yummy and easy way to medicate.

It’s not just for a night at home to get a restful beauty sleep.


Anyone can use it throughout their daily lives to calm a busy mind on stressful days, to let loose for a party night out or those who want to take their sex life to a higher level. 


LeeLoo is the fun, go-to little helper that anyone can easily take anywhere they go.


Nothing lost in extraction or delivery; more accurate than consumption


Safer, more controllable and healthier than smoking or edibles.

Cost Saving

Less waste means - more cost-effective solution



Less obvious than other ways of medicating   

Pssst Babe

DISCRETION IS KEY: Use the spray on the go throughout the day. No smoke in your lungs or anyone else’s face. Microdose without anyone noticing, just as though you’re using a mouth spray.

Don’t worry Momma, with LeeLoo’s certified childproof bottles the kiddies are safe not to get into your business either.


Mess-free, one-handed, quick dosing. Get the relief you need wherever, whenever. The days of sneaking away to consume cannabis have passed. Get yours now and discover the perfect LeeLoo level for all your personal needs!

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