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Cannabis has an endless potential for self-care and it’s extremely important for LeeLoo to deliver this and keep it fun. I’m confident to have found a formula that’s safe for users with all levels of experience.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone has a unique interaction with cannabis. The amount needed to have the effect you desire can vary. Some people are very sensitive and others have high tolerances.


If you’re inexperienced, LeeLoo recommends you start slow and build up your dose to the state where your mind and body feels best in. If you have a long history of using cannabis or depending on multiple other factors you might need a higher dose.

Keep in mind, Cannabis has many different effects and benefits that require care and also self-experimentation to figure out what is most beneficial to you. LeeLoo is here to make that as easy as possible.


How to dose?

Start with spraying 1 - 2 pumps underneath the tongue (perfect dose for daily relief or for beginning users). 


Leave the product in your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds, then swallow and enjoy ☺

Effects may kick in within 20 to 90 min depending on each individual. Wait a minimum of 2 hours before reapplying to make sure all effect kicked in. This way you can safely find your perfect LeeLoo level. 

Once feeling comfortable and ready to take your senses to a higher level?  Simply increase the dose as needed to achieve the desired results. 


What’s inside?

These tasty, flavored sublingual sprays are made with premium THC derived from quality cannabis grown in California.


THC, herbs and flavors are infused into coconut oil. Zero calorie sweeteners make this experience not only sweet n’ tasty, but also sugar-free and vegan.


How does sublingual work?


Spraying LeeLoo under the tongue allows the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream through vessel-rich tissues within the sublingual mucosa.

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